I have many dreams for where YouLi will end up, but it has already taken me farther than I ever imagined.  My name is Jennifer Fein, and I am a Digital Nomad & Product Manager & Startup Founder & Traveller & Planner.

In May of 2016 I arranged an epic destination wedding in a country not known for reliable services. I felt like a goddess after we said our vows in an ancient Roman amphitheatre and watched the sun sparkle over the temple to the Goddess Athena. I did it with the first version of YouLi.

I want everyone who dreams of creating intimate experiences for their friends/families/colleagues and customers to feel that way when it all comes together. I want the events arranged on YouLi to change the way that people see the world – because of a unique destination or, more often, because of the people met along the way.

YouLi is software, and although she will get smarter with time, she will always be secondary to the trusted organizer leading the way. That’s why YouLi is dedicated to the organizers: the makers of plans. YouLi is for you, because I know that spreadsheets have their limits, planning with groups is hard and Facebook isn’t for everyone. YouLi is my dream of a private digital space to collate all the information necessary to gather everyone for real. All the messages, all the payments, schedules, changes, variations and details. Enter the data once and be confident you can use and share it in all the ways you’ll need.

The more connected we are digitally, the less connected we feel in reality – and I believe this can be overcome, because I’ve seen it done. Done by those who care enough to bring people together. You can stop watching the Facebook feed of others’ grand adventures and decide to arrange your own, then invite the people who share your desire to accomplish something epic or celebrate a special moment in time.

I have spent 15 years building software for corporations, now I’m building software for you and your fellow travellers. If you share my dream of connecting people in real life and need better tools, we want to hear from you, or watch out for us at the PauseFest StartupExpo Feb 8-10, 2017.

My dream for 2017 is to support your dream destination events. What’s yours?