You live to travel and you love the process of planning your trips almost as much as taking them. But when you need to involve others, sharing your well researched plans with your fellow travellers is often a mess of emails, spreadsheets, blogs and Facebook posts – but it doesn’t have to be. If you are planning a destination event for 2017, YouLi invites you to join our Early Adopter Program. Make your life easier and our product better.

Ditch the spreadsheet with YouLi - Early Adopter program 2017

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Destination Wedding

You’ve met the love of your life on the road, your wedding has to include travel, anything else just wouldn’t be you. Make your dream destination wedding manageable and give your guests the experience of a lifetime.

Private Group

You’ve got an ambitious trip in the making and you need to get other people onboard to give you the courage to actually do it. Use YouLi to get people excited to join you and manage the costs. Get to the top of your mountain!

Charity Travel

You’ve seen some of the most beautiful places in the world and you’ve seen those who aren’t as lucky. Use YouLi to raise money and awareness in order to give back to the communities that you visit.